Our terrace

Dine Waterside on Our Terrace

Welcome to our slice of paradise by the Canal du Midi! Picture yourself bathed in soft light, a gentle breeze kissing your face. Our canal-side terrace offers more than just a meal – it’s a complete sensory experience.

Live Maritime Spectacle

Savor your favorite dish while watching the ballet of boats gliding gently on the waters of the Canal du Midi. As the lock opens, magic unfolds, and you’re front-row for this tranquil and enchanting show.

Wines, Exquisite Flavors

Our menu features a selection of great wines and delicious dishes, all designed to be enjoyed al fresco. Flavors that dance with the whisper of water and the passing boats.

An Urban Oasis

Our terrace becomes your urban oasis, a refuge where time slows down, where every bite is accompanied by the gentle lapping of water and joyful laughter. Whether it’s for a sunny lunch, a romantic dinner, or drinks with friends, the setting is perfect for any occasion.

Reserve Your Front Row Seat

Sunny days become unforgettable memories on our Canal du Midi terrace. Book your table now and dive into a unique culinary experience, where nature and gastronomy meet.

Come taste life waterside with us! 🍽️🌊