Our restaurant

As soon as the first fine days arrive, take a seat on the shady terrace beside the three locks on the Canal du Midi.

In a calm and peaceful setting, you can enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner. The dining room is also available if the weather is inclement.

Stroll along the Canal du Midi and immerse yourself in the essence of Mediterranean flavors, reimagined through the innovative lens of Chef Pascal.

Experience the essence of the sea’s freshness harmonized with locally sourced produce straight from the orchards and mountain slopes. Indulge in an exquisite array of fresh, seasonal ingredients meticulously selected by our culinary team. Complement your dining journey with recommendations from our maître d’hôtel, offering a curated selection of over 30 wines from our beautiful Région de l’Aude.

We take pride in carefully selecting fresh products, meticulously chosen by our Chef. Our homemade cuisine is distinguished by its elegance and indulgence. At the Moulin de Trèbes, we are passionate about sharing our expertise. Our art lies in marrying textures and colors while preserving the flavors of the South, particularly those of the Aude region.

Our menu evolves with the seasons, allowing the Chef to reinvent himself and satisfy a loyal clientele. Some emblematic dishes like the gravelax scottish salmon embody the very essence of our cuisine. Come and taste some of our favorite recipes and let yourself be seduced by our culinary identity.

As we like to say “Love, it’s something we cook up every day.”